Year 4 students are participating in the annual flag parade for Yom HaAtzmaut

Celebrating Yom HaAtzmaut

Our school community celebrated Yom HaAtzmaut together on Tuesday.

Students at the Magid Campus travelled to the Kinneret, saw the Kotel, went to Shuk HaCarmel, and climbed Masada as they entered the school. After an Assembly, the students had a variety of programming throughout the day which was designed to balance the celebratory nature of the day with recognition of the plight of the hostages and the current difficult situation in Israel. Programming including Israeli masterchef, arts workshops and a variety of external speakers including Rabbi Alison Conyer and representatives from youth movements.

At the Dandenong Road Campus, ELC and Junior School students participated in a heartfelt tekes and flag parade, constructed a replica of the Kotel, took a flight to Israel and then spent time at the Shuk Machane Yehuda.

Thank you to our Jewish Life and Learning staff who worked so hard to make the day a meaningful and memorable experience for our students.