Junior School students warm their hands on a fire made out of cellophane as they celebrate Lag BaOmer together. They stretch their hands out over the faux fire.

Celebrating Lag BaOmer together

This week the Junior School celebrated Lag BaOmer, the 33rd day of Omer. During our Jewish Studies classes, students were able to enjoy a baked potato while sitting around a bonfire listening to stories and participating in an active archery class. Please click here to see photos from the day. We learnt about the importance of learning and being proud of our Judaism like Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, that this love brings light to the world – which is one of the reasons we have a bonfire. As well as remembering the difficulties of learning about Judaism in secret, Rabbi Akiva asked his students to pretend they were hunting whenever the Romans patrolled the area – which is why we play bows and arrows today. It was a fun day filled with learning and joy.

Senior Students at our Magid campus celebrated Lag BaOmer with a bonfire, baked potatoes and smores as the sunset on Tuesday.  Students heard about the fate of Rabbi Akiva’s students during the Omer and contemplated how they could combat sinat chinam (baseless hatred). Our Tzev Lev Jewish Life educators also reflected that coming together demonstrates Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai’s realisation after 12 years studying in a cave that Torah is about community rather than the individual’s relationship with God. Students spoke to Jake Arzt, a Chinese medicine practitioner and natural beekeeper about his passions and were encouraged to find their own fire within.