Year 3 students at camp

Camp is back!

Yesterday our Year 3 and 4 students departed for a two day camp in the beautiful Dandenong’s. The students have been rock climbing, tree surfing, playing Gaga Ball, and bouncing on the trampolines at the campsite.

More importantly they have been able to be outside in the fresh air and experiencing nature again. They have been learning how to communicate in a group again, but most importantly just having fun.

Ella B: “I did the low rope course and I enjoyed it. It was very hard but I still liked it. The trampolines were very fun, they go very high!”

Mali.D: “So far we have gotten split into groups and we’ve been doing activities all day. We have done bush hut building, gaga ball, trampolining and low ropes course. It has been very fun. We had lunch and recess which was yum. The gummy bear crew is still winning the doughnuts aren’t. I’m now wearing my beanie which is very comfortable. It’s just been really fun and I’m not excited to go home.”