A Shabbat table is set with Challah and candles and plates ready for Shabbat dinner but there are no people at the table.

Bring them home

We have set up an empty Shabbat table at the Magid campus. 

This Shabbat table has been constructed as a reminder of the more than 200 hostages currently being held in Gaza by Hamas. We leave the seats empty as a symbol of the hostages who are unable to attend Shabbat with their loved ones. This installation originated from the Tel Aviv Museum of Art where they set a table of over 200 seats for the hostages and is now being used as a way of holding the hostages in mind, all around the world. This Shabbat table is constructed as a plea for these people brought back home to their families and to their country. Our students and staff are praying for the hostages’ safe return.