Year 7 students stand behind piles of cupcakes and biscuits ready to be sold to student to raise money for Israel.

Baking for Israel

The Year 7 cohort decided to hold a bake sale to raise money for Israel. This took place at the back of the mansion on Friday, 27 October 2023. 

A setup team consisting of a small group of enthusiastic year 7 students, who were guided by Lesley and Miss Samachetty, created a delicious display of baked goodies, many of which were decorated in blue and white. It was a race to get everything set up before the bell rang at 1.05pm and a stampede of students from Years 6-11 descended upon the stall and hungrily bought cakes. Some staff also made a rush for it to ensure they didn’t miss out on the opportunity of snagging a mouth-watering snack! 

 On offer were homemade cupcakes, K-pops, doughnuts, soft drinks, cookies, brownies and other yummy freshly made delicacies. There were so many sweet treats on sale that it required a large team to meet the demands of the customers. Everything sold out in 35 minutes, which was a great relief because the Year 7s had to set up for the Future Cities Expo.

Year 7 raised $631.45 for The Joint and MDA. A huge thank you to Year 7 for taking the time and baking a variety of treats.We can all feel proud of our efforts, and the money we raised which is to support Israel. Thank you everyone for an amazing effort!

Armani F, Year 7