Many people contribute their time, skills and experience to the advancement of The King David School. The contribution made by some is well in excess of that which one can reasonably expect. These people deserve the School’s gratitude and acknowledgement. The KDS Council Awards present the School with a means of ensuring that their commitment does not go unrecognised by honouring those who have made significant contributions to the founding of The King David School or to its ongoing existence.

Types of Awards

There are 3 tiers in the Award System:

  1. Bonim (“builders”) – for general meritorious service
  2. Giborim (“heroes”) – for outstandingly consistent or ongoing service. This would include persons who have taken on leadership roles.
  3. Malachim (“angels”) – for extraordinary service to the School
Recognition for …
Date awarded
Ades Andrew First Treasurer of School Council (1977-79) Jun-02
Bartfeld Fred President KDSPA (1986). Fete Coordinator Jun-02
Basser Debbie King’s Carnival food area co-ordinator (1998 – 2008?) Feb-12
Bereson Itiel Early Strategic Planning (*ask Rabbi Levi) Dec-06
Birner Henry School Council member (1984-1989)
Blashki Sue & Colin (z”l) Active involvement as volunteers over many years Dec-07
Bloom Tammy President KDSPA (1982) Jun-02
Blum  Ruth (z”l) Past Hebrew teacher, revues, musicals and co-author of the School song Feb-04
Bock Jack & Fay Active involvement as volunteers over many years
Borensztajn Joey For generous and ongoing pro bono legal services to the School Dec-18
Boymal Steph KDSPA Committee member including Treasurer Dec-20
Brown Ann KDSPA Treasurer for 5 years (1986-90) Jun-02
Brown Eve Co-President KDSPA (1984) Jun-02
Brown Nicole Active in KDSPA/King’s Carnival Feb-09
Burnett Betty TBI secretary who did all admin work in development stages of school Dec-06
Chakman Joe Trivia Nights (school council vice president ’78?) Feb-04
Chakman Helen KDSPA Exec (1991-2) Feb-04
Civins Zvi Past Principal, Head of Jewish Studies Jun-02
Cohen Judi KDSPA Exec (1997-2000) Feb-09
Cyngler Anita President KDSPA (1981) Jun-02
Dreyfus MP Mark Legal support for Town Planning Magid Institute (2007) Dec-07
Fast John & Jenny Active involvement in KDSPA and John provided legal advice & assistance Dec-07
Field Judith Early work on establishment of educational philosophy Feb-04
Fink Maurice Council Site Chairman (2000-2005); Treasurer (2006) Feb-09
Finkel-Charles Vera Major financial contributor to purchase of Kooyong Road Feb-04
Fox Rabbi Brian School Founder Jun-02
Freiberg Alex Ongoing co-ordinator of Parent Security Group (PSG)  Dec-18
Friedman Ron Served on Finance Committee for many years Dec-07
Gannon Sara 20+ years as School secretary, participation in revues Jun-02
Goldschlager Les & Esther Helped establish Tuck Shop in 1991; Fete convenors for many years.  Les – Vice President School Council (1993-1994) – (separate them) Dec-05
Goldsmith Jenny Active in KDSPA Feb-09
Gorog Jenny President KDSPA (1983). Established computer programs at KDS Jun-02
Granek Sam & Caryn School Council Secretary (1993-1994), Sam – Treasurer KDSPA (1983-1985) Dec-05
Grebler Jenny Consistent involvement in many areas  Dec-05
Greenberg Hani Active in KDSPA (1991-1994) Feb-04
Harrison Mark Instrumental in implementing Chai Ve’kayam building project  Dec-20
Hearst Gary President KDSPA (1979-80) Jun-02
Heffes Lucien Treasurer School Council (2001-2005) Feb-09
Herz Eric Council Treasurer (1995-1996) Dec-05
Heselev  Margaret (z”l) Formation of educational philosophy of the School; Council secretary (1978-1979) Jun-02
Issko Ron Instrumental in the establishment of the Southwick Parents Security Group and then other PSG across the School Feb-12
Jacob (Eckhaus) Barbara School Council (1984-1989) Feb-04
Jona Hon. Walter (z”l) Significant supporter of the School. Feb-04
Kahan Peter For contribution to fiscal matters of the School Dec-18
Kaminsky Gail President KDSPA (1996) Dec-05
Katz Karen For extensive service to KDSPA (2010-2012) Dec-18
Kausman Carrie For services to KDSPA and School Council Dec-20
Kay Yvonne Council Secretary (1982-1983).  Feb-04
Keck Scott On Site committee during early development days, Pro bono property valuations and advice Dec-06
Keck Ann (z”l) KDSPA; instigated fundraisers (Tea Towels) and organized Baking Bees for fetes at her home Dec-06
Klepfisz Lisa For services to KDSPA and School Council Dec-20
Kohn Sue Active involvement in KDSPA Dec-05
Kornhauser Rick & Kerry KDSPA & Rick –  Council Site committee (1995-1996) Dec-05
Laski Nikki KDSPA, class rep and negotiating for a school crossing at the Southwick Campus. Dec-20
Levi Robyn Active involvement as volunteer over many years Dec-06
Levi Peter & Jenny Active volunteers, strong supporters of the School.   Dec-07
Lewis Gary Council (2000-2005) as Marketing Chair. Instigated Corporate Style Guide for KDS Feb-09
Mahemoff Miriam Active involvement in KDSPA and Council  Jun-02
Mahemoff Gary Involved KDSPA and Council Jun-02
McCleery Annette First secretary of KDS. Only admin person first 4 years of school Jun-02
Mihaly Ruth KDSPA; fete convenor; catering expertise and guidance Dec-06
Nathan Howard Active volunteers, strong supporter of the School.  
Nathan David Council Strategic Planning (1998-9) Dec-07
Nathan Graeme Co-President KDSPA (1984) Jun-02
Newman Sue President KDSPA (1985) Jun-02
Nirens Rhonda Active involvement in KDSPA Feb-04
Page Neville School Council (1981-1982) Site Committee (1988) Jun-02
Peters Ann Active involved in KDSPA and helped establish Tuck Shop in 1991 Dec-05
Priester Dean For contribution to the Chai Ve’Kayam building project Dec-18
Rechter Prof. Bernard Strategic planning assistance Jun-02
Rich Dr Michael School Council  fundraising committee (1982-1985) Feb-04
Rogers  Ros Active involvement in KDSPA Feb-04
Rose Alan Involved prior to establishment of the School, both morally & financially Jun-02
Rozen Jenny Started Uniform Shop; President  KDSPA (1994-1995) Feb-04
Same David School Council (1990-1992) Feb-04
Samuel AC Graeme School Council (1978-1979). First President, KDSPA Jun-02
Sandler Geoff Fundraising/Foundation involvement from 1995 Feb-09
Scheuer Helen Active involvement in school life – revues Feb-04
Schonfeld Sally President KDSPA (1997) Feb-04
Schulberg David President KDSPA (1992-3) Dec-05
Schulberg Robert Council Member (1998-1999), architectural advice Dec-05
Segal Les Revues, co-author the School song Feb-04
Segal Sol (z”l) Active involvement in school life
Setton Jack & Denise President KDSPA (1998-99) Dec-05
Sibel  Sue (z”l) KDSPA including 3 years as President. Sponsored every King’s Carnival and Women’s Breakfast for a number of years though her company Boo Radley Feb-12
Silver Harry Involved in fundraising  Feb-04
Silver Helen School Council in 2000 and served as Vice-President from 2003 to 2008.  Council Chair for a number of year. Instrumental in organising a review of the School‘s Government Funding category. This review resulted in extra funding for The King David School. Feb-12
Silver  Sandi Functions Co-ordinator KDSPA many years Feb-04
Slutzkin John & Beth President KDSPA 88-89 Feb-04
Sonenberg Elizabeth (Liz) Council Secretary 1995 Dec-05
Spigelman Braeme Past Treasurer. Corporate work & funding Jun-02
Splitter Phil Revues Feb-04
Splitter Martin School Song, Council, Revues Feb-04
Starr Robin & Rosemary Robin assisted with Revues and Rosemary as a staff member assisted with yearbook/computers Feb-04
Tudor OAM Rick For services to the School Council and for mentoring school leadership with compassion and wisdom Dec-20
Unglick John & Sally KDSPA and Sally served on Function Committee Feb-04
Visbord-Green Margaret Council secretary Feb-04
Willets Jeff KDSPA in the 1980s Dec-07
Zucker Robert Council Treasurer 1993-94 and 1998-2000 Dec-06
Zucker Kathy Voluntary choreography for school musicals over many years Dec-06
Zylberman Albert Past Treasurer Jun-02


First name
Recognition for …
Date awarded
AbrahamsSandyFor long standing and ongoing contribution to the Chai Ve’Kayam building projectDec-18
GorogTomFor long standing and ongoing contribution to the Chai Ve’Kayam building projectDec-18
HamiltonSharonPresident KDSPA 2001-2006. Took KDSPA to a new level of professionalism, particularly in the areas of fundraising, uniform shop and tuck shops.Dec-06
KaisermanCathyKDSPA Secretary 1990 – 1992. Parent, volunteer and long standing staff member whose knowledge, loyalty and commitment to the School is recognisedDec-05
KobritzDavidMember of The King David School Council since 2003, serving on the Strategic Planning Committee and as Chairperson of the Site Committee. Instrumental in developing strategies for the long term development of the School’s building and infrastructure.  For the outstanding and ongoing contribution of his time, skills and experience to the advancement of The King David School.Feb-10
MarksPeterSchool Council President: 1991-1992Jun-02
MihalyGeorgeChairman 1991-1992Jun-02
SamuelIanChairman 1977-1978Jun-02
SchoenfeldMichaelSchool Council President: 1993-1996Jun-02
ShiffGeoffChairman 1993-1997Jun-02
SteenFrankSchool Council President: 1987-1990Jun-02


Rabbi John Levi

Isador Magid 

Norman Rothman:  Founding Principal

Mark Southwick (School Council President: 1980-1986 – Posthumous)

Leon Taft (School Council President: 1977-1979)




Recognition for …

Cyngler OAM


President School Council 1997 – 2008.  Jim Cyngler was involved on the Executive of Parents’ Association and School Council for over 16 years.  Jim’s vision and drive saw vast improvements in the School’s facilities culminating in the opening of the Magid Institute in 2006. Jim’s vision His strategic planning involved the employment of gifted teaching professionals and administrators  to lead the School into the next stage of its development. As a result, many innovative curriculum programs were initiated and in 2000 the first Year 12 class graduated from the King David School. 




Recognition for …

Lawrence OAM


For extraordinary contribution to Council and Foundation