Animals galore in Junior Kinder!

Our Junior Kinders have been exploring Australian animals, learning about their natural environments, the food they eat and their attributes such as similarities and differences. Guided discussions with Early Childhood Educators, books, puzzles, paintings and interactive play areas inspire our children to connect with their learning.

The children enjoyed an educational incursion Animals Galore this week from ‘Animals of Oz’, focussing on Australian Animals.

This interest in animals has followed on from Reconciliation Week last term. Through this topic, the children are learning about different ecosystems and our unique Australian habitats. It enables an appreciation for nature, wildlife, and environmental conservation. In addition, it expands their vocabulary, improves their memory skills, and stimulates their curiosity and problem-solving abilities. Animal-related activities can promote empathy and compassion, and foster kindness and respect.

Australian animals hold significant cultural and spiritual value to the Indigenous peoples of Australia, and the Gan Zayit children have been learning some of the Wurundjeri names for animals, in the Woiwurrung language.

Jennifer Duband

ELC Educational Leader & Teacher