A male student holds a Torah decorated with a blue King David School Torah cover. He is looking at the camera. A male student beside him is wearing a white Talit. He is looking to the side.

A Super Back to School Service

Run by our Year 12 Hanhagah student leaders as well as our outstanding Tzev Lev (Jewish Life) team, our annual Back to School Service was an uplifting start to our school year. With a superhero theme connecting our tradition to our students’ interests, we enjoyed song, prayer, reflection and some dance! Among many of the highlights, Year 12 student Zoe gave a drash on this week’s Parashah (Yitro), outlining the importance of asking for help; our School Council President Lahra Carey was honoured; and grandparent Jeanette shared her family’s Jewish story. We’re already looking forward to next year’s Back to School Service!