Uncle William Pepper is conducting a Smoking Ceremony to mark the start of the 2024 school year. There is smoke coming from a fire of gum leaves. Students walk past and through the smoke.

2024 is off to a flying start!

We had a phenomenal day yesterday welcoming students to King David – both returning students and those who are brand new. As they entered the school, students were greeted with music and ruach. We marked the start of the year with a Welcome to Country and a Smoking Ceremony at each campus led by Uncle William Pepper from the Boonwurrong Land and Sea Council. Uncle William explained that the smoke is similar to water – it cleanses and symbolises a new start. Like the mikveh, it is traditionally undertaken for weddings and other important rituals.

Sudents in the Junior School spent the day doing special activities to get them oriented in their new classrooms and to get to know their new teachers. At the Magid campus, students heard from the Hanhagah (Year 12 leaders) about students events and clubs they can be involved in, including our upcoming Back to School Service and the Swimming Carnival. Two students lit the ‘lamp of learning’, banishing the darkness of ignorance, and our Director of Jewish Life and Learning, Ilan Bloch, gave a blessing for the school year. 

Welcome to all students, new and returning! Together our community of learning will flourish this year.