Welcome! Bruchim Habaim

We invite you to discover for yourself why more families are choosing King David.

With core values of inclusivity, egalitarianism and social justice, King David students thrive in a warm and caring educational environment with a focus on academic excellence, strong Jewish identity, student wellbeing, and creative thinking skills for the future.

Principal's Welcome

Bruchim Habaim and welcome to The King David School.

Schooling is an integral part of our lives, establishing the foundation for our future success. I am proud that at King David, we prepare our students to thrive in the world they will graduate into, ensuring they are collaborative, critical and creative thinkers.

Our values of inclusivity, egalitarianism, and social justice ensure that students develop emotional intelligence. Students are encouraged to use their achievements to create a better Australia.

From celebrating our Chagim (holidays) to debating Jewish ethics to researching Jewish history, our students experience Judaism as a rich and moving tradition that is relevant to their lives. Our Jewish Life team facilitates hands-on learning that strengthens our students' Jewish and Zionist identities.

As you look on the website, I encourage you to discover our educational philosophy and the extraordinary opportunities on offer both in and out of the classroom. From exceptional outdoor education, to musicals, debating, coding contests and more, our students are able to challenge themselves in a range of environments.

Our School's founders, Isador Magid AO and Rabbi Dr John Levi AC, stand as role models for our students and teachers alike by virtue of their dedication to learning and enlightenment. The school environment they created continues to this day, promoting critical inquiry, positive relationships and the embracing of difference.

It is a privilege to lead Australia's only Progressive Jewish school. I invite you to book a tour and learn more about the King David difference.

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Characters in 13 the musical are in formation around the two lead characters - a jock and a regular boy.

We’re all 13!

There was no shortage of talent as our audience delighted in watching our Senior School musical, ’13’ as Evan Goldman (aka our mesmerising Year 11 student Jules S) mastered the

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Principal Marc Light joins a ELC Seder where the children are dressed as frogs, slaves and princesses - acting the story of Pesach.

Celebrating Pesach in our ELC

At our Early Learning Centre, the children are clearly very ready to participate in their family Pesach Seders. This week our Junior and Senior Kinder students showcased their Jewish learning

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Six Prep students join Rabbi Yossi making matzah for Pesach. They are wearing white chefs hats with their school uniform.

Our little Matzah makers

Across the Junior School the sounds of Pesach are in the air as children explore, sing and act their way through the Haggadah. On Seder night we will position ourselves

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Principal's Blog

Each week our Principal, Marc Light shares his insights into current events and educational pedagogy, highlighting how these inform the educational programs and culture at The King David School.

Soldarity in Israel

I have just returned from a visit to Israel where I participated in the Herzog United Fellowship program which involved 21 heads of Jewish schools from 13 different countries. The program aims to offer school leaders strategic support in managing change and addressing common challenges that occur in Jewish education.

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Purim Sameach

Growing up as a King David student, Purim was the absolute highlight of my year.  I have previously shared with the school community some of the more creative costumes that I wore. There was the year that my friends and I were Snap, Crackle and Pop – the characters that

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Putting NAPLAN into perspective

This week our Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 students have been busy participating in the annual NAPLAN tests. NAPLAN stands for the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy and involves a series of tests which are conducted at these year levels around the nation. Our students sit multiple choice

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