Senior students, real-time, on-demand study support

(‘yourtutor’ provided by Australian Independent Schools and NBN)

Part of our new National Broadband Network connection includes real-time, on-demand study help for our senior students.

Parents: Find out more here

Students: Sign in here using your personal NBN yourtutor access card

‘yourtutor’ uses its vast network of high quality, local teachers and tutors, and makes them available to your child for maths, English, science, business studies, as well as study, writing, and research enquiries across all subjects.

The service is delivered online and is available on-demand. When a student gets “stuck” while studying, high-quality, professional, academic advice and support is just a click away.

Please note: There is a limited amount of tuition available for enrolled students with up to 5 tutorials per week to equitably share the available tuition.