Our adventure started at 5.30 pm when we gathered at Southern Cross Station for the overnight train trip to Sydney.

Monday morning on arrival into Sydney, we met John and Steve who had prepared a sumptuous breakfast of cake, cereal, fruits, bread and spreads. We also made our lunch before heading off on the location challenge activity throughout the City. We all met the teachers at Circular Quay and travelled by ferry to Manly, passing the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Fort Denison. It was certainly a day of Sydney icons. From Manly we took a bus to Palm Beach and another ferry to the Basin. It is pretty amazing to think that we are less than 1 hour from Sydney but in a beautiful secluded location in a National Park. Working in 6 boat crews, our meals, cleaning up is done as a team.  Every crew had a filling pasta meal for dinner.  Tuesday was the first sailing day. There was  a combination of nervousness and excitement about the unknown. We heard stories about America Bay and the Hawkesbury river and looked forward to discovering new skills and places. Amazingly, (don’t tell our parents) we were all be in bed by 9.00!

Day 3 is drawing to a close… The sun is setting and we are in the final stages of cooking dinner. The menu says risotto. There are beautiful smells of 6 different risotto dishes being put together.

Today (Tuesday) was magnificent. A sunny day of around 23 degrees with a solid southerly breeze slowly dying off throughout the day. A great day for sailing. We have learnt about boats and how to make them go. Things like cleat, sheet, winch, tack, gybe and reach were unknown to us before today. Now they are important skills for the race tomorrow. Lunch today was at America Bay. Each boat did their own lunch in between learning to row, rowing ashore and swimming… In fact the fastest way to catch up with our mates was to swim from boat to boat and boat to shore and  back to our boats.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is race day, 10 places, 6 hours, challenges that involve team work and cooperation…. Looking forward to it!

Auscamp Team

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