IMG_1399Mikel Guyetsky, graduate of TKDS (Class of 2002) has recently established two rapidly growing firms, On Track Wealth Services and Wealth Axis. Both of these companies are based in the financial services industry.

On Track Wealth Services, is a financial planning company with an intricate system designed to help clients set inspiring financial and lifestyle goals. We assist our clients in helping them achieve what is most important to them in life.

Mikel’s second company, Wealth Axis, provides outsourced back office solutions to financial planning and accounting firms Australia wide. Wealth Axis prides itself on its simple easy to use systematic process. Driven by increased productivity and workflow management, Wealth Axis, making the process simple from start to finish.

For financial planning advice, or to find the solution to your back office needs, Mikel can be contacted:

Level 1, 431 North Road
Ormond Victoria, VIC 3204
Ph: 03 9981 1314, Mob: 0422 688 495