Kibbutz Experience!

Some of the students in their kibbutz lessons at the Southwick Campus today got to experience real life on a kibbutz.
Sometimes on a kibbutz a ‘Gius’ is called and that means everyone has to stop what they are doing and help with an urgent job.
The students stopped weeding and planting and turned their attention to shucking corn for the Fete and they absolutely loved it. See you at the fete.

David Opat Head of Junior School

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Year 6 Camp

Year 6 students have come back from camp exhausted but very satisfied from the range of activities they had on offer in and around Blairgowrie!
We started off our action-packed week with a lesson in snorkelling.  The students very much enjoyed the lesson on how to clear your snorkel if it fills with water – give it a quick outtake of breath, “tchuch,” and you can soak your neighbour with the water spurt that comes out of your snorkel!

Tuesday morning ...

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Year 4 PACE Program

On Wednesday afternoon, the Year 4 students and their families competed against each other in the Seder Olympics, with events (loosely) based on the points of order in the Passover Seder.

Our teams, The Mighty Matzah Pesach People, The Pickled Matzahs, Steve Eats Matzah and the Kranky Kiddush Kups participated in a Pesach sing-off, egg and spoon races, matzah pyramid building competitions, and a host of other activities.
In the end, the scores were tied, with absolutely no doctoring by Dom ...

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Junior Kinder PACE Program

Before Shabbat, Junior Kinder students and their families met to discuss special rituals that are done before we go to bed and when we wake up in the morning.

Everyone came to the PACE workshop dressed in their pajamas, and brought their favourite sleeping friend and pillow.

Families listened to an English/Hebrew reading of The Very Hungry Catapillar, then talked about our special rituals before we sleep and when we wake up.

We drew pictures of these rituals on pillow cases and learned ...

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Senior Jewish School Students Come Together

Years 9 to 12 KDS students were among over 1000 senior students from other Jewish Schools in Melbourne who were given the opportunity to listen to Gilad Shalit, freed Israeli soldier who was held in captivity for over 5 years as well as Israeli paralympian medal winner, Noam Gershoni.

UIA were the organisers of this combined Jewish Schools’ event and 2 very different speakers, both extremely inspirational, spoke about their journeys.

Itai Franco, Year 11 KDS student was chosen to sing the ...

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Year 7 Camp

The focus for our Year 7 students this year is to develop team work and respect for themselves, each other, their community and the environment.

All of this and more was accomplished by the students on the Year 7 camp held at Anglesea from the 18th to the 22nd of February.

Starting with a walk from Bells Beach, across the cliff tops and beaches, through the tea trees and sand we staggered into the ‘Eumerella’ Scout camp on a day when the ...

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Music Exchange Program

Our flight to Sydney on Sunday afternoon signalled the start of our third year of the annual Music Exchange with the Emanuel School (Sydney).

This is the second time we’ve been guests at Emanuel School in Sydney as we continue to develop and consolidate our shared program and vision.

The Music Exchange is a wonderful opportunity for music students to learn together, perform together and it also broadens social horizons.

On the morning of the first full day, students were treated to a ...

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Purim – Junior School

Southwick students had a very memorable day celebrating the festival of Purim. Various activities revolved around the fulfilment of Purim mitzvot and included parading beautiful Purim costumes and baking hamentaschen.

Mishloach Manot- Food Gifts for Friends
All students baked Hamentaschen and prepared Mishloach Manot bags for another person in his/her class.

Matnot L’Evyonim- Gifts to the Needy
Very Special Kids (VSK) came to tell our students about their organisation and The Piggy Bank Appeal. Students made tzedakah boxes and have until Friday, ...

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Purim – Senior School

Senior School students had an action-packed day incorporating all the Purim mitzvot and contributing to the festive atmosphere.

Matanot L’Evyonim – Gifts to the Needy
The Year 9’s heard a presentation by IMPACT for Women, and then worked to make gift baskets for victims of domestic violence. The school community should be proud of this great mitzvah – there were piles and piles of toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and deodorant that were then brought to women and children who ...

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