230217_TKDSPS_100Routines are an intricate part of a baby’s day and our routine will reflect each child’s development, needs and interests. All routines that are kept at home, such as feeding, bottles and sleeping times, are carried through in your child’s day at the centre in order to best meet your family’s needs. Our focus is on providing secure and loving relationships between educators and children to foster the child’s confidence and potential.

High standards of hygiene and safety are maintained by educators at all times.

Our quality programs focus on sensory learning and development which prepares children for future learning.

We aim to involve families in the program to help you feel confident in leaving your child in our care. Through regular observations, educators become aware of each child’s interests and stage of development. Using this knowledge, educators are able to provide appropriate experiences to further stimulate all areas of development (cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional). They will give the babies the time and space needed to explore their world. As children gain more independence, emphasis is placed on developing their social skills and the development of imagination through creative play and exploration of their environment.

The area is especially designed to stimulate children’s’ rapidly developing senses. All the equipment is steady and stable, allowing freedom to crawl, sit, balance and climb on. There are areas for messy play, exploring textures, tastes and smells. The decorated sensory boxes contain all sorts of magical soft, shiny and noisy toys, which extend children’s’ curiosity.

One year olds are intent on discovering new things about themselves and their environment. They begin to walk, try to talk, are learning to listen, climbing, investigating and developing fine motor skills. Ones are busy and energetic. They are beginning to form relationships with their peers and adults around them.