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The King David School has been recognised as a pioneer in utilising the major advancements in the field of Educational Neuroscience. The School has used this knowledge and understanding of early childhood development and brain plasticity to become the first school in Australia to introduce an Executive Function Skill Development Framework into its Early Learning Centre. Explicitly teaching these vital skills will ensure a smooth transition into schooling and create a wonderful opportunity for children to be properly equipped to manage their next learning and development journey in life.

winnerKing David was awarded the 2019 Innovative Schools Award by the Educator online magazine. This is awarded to schools at the cutting edge of change and innovation in Australia. King David has been noted as one of the schools making the most profound and exciting impact in education today.

The School utilises the “SOWATT” framework to intentionally develop critical executive function skills in the Early Learning Centre. SOWATT is an acronym for Self-regulation, Organisation, Working memory, Attention, Thinking flexibly and Thinking about thinking.

Self-regulation is the ability to stop and think before reacting. Children are being taught this skill for example by playing a matching game as a group and also by waiting their turn to fill up their cups of water. Through games and play children learn the importance of patience, turn taking and the ability to learn how to both win and lose. Daily routines are also established which help children feel secure and reduce any anxiety from either starting Kinder for the first time, or being in a different class from the previous year.

Getting organised is vital in developing independence and taking responsibility for our belongings and ourselves. As the children grow, self-regulation skills will help them learn at school (having learnt the ability to sit still and listen in the classroom), to behave in socially acceptable ways and assist with making friendships.

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