Marina Gnatyshina
Director of Early Learning

The King David Early Learning Centre (ELC) combines high quality education and care with the convenience of flexible hours.

Early childhood education undoubtedly shapes the developmental foundations needed for life. It is an evolving time that requires nurturing and encouragement. Here at the King David Kindergartens we foster creative, responsive and respectful relationships and innovative learning experiences that nurture each child’s individuality further encouraging the development of self-esteem, self-confidence, independence, belonging and emotional intelligence.

The King David School is a progressive Jewish school established on the principles of inclusion, egalitarianism and social justice. It is committed to engendering within its students a love of learning, a deep and abiding sense of community, a strong and proud Australian identity. Jewish identity is reinforced through daily blessings, learning the Hebrew language, songs, dances, celebrating Shabbat and festivals.

The King David ELC programs are play based as we recognise the importance of play in children’s learning. Our curriculum is guided by the children’s curiosity and ideas, and developed in consultation with families and the community. We believe the children learn through collaboration and communication with other children and adults, and through interactions in the environment. Active learning through play is facilitated through the provision of a range of opportunities, environments and experiences built thoughtfully around the individual strengths and interests of each child.

The facility caters for children aged from 18 months up to five years.

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