Our rigorous curriculum for Years 6-8 challenges and stimulates students to achieve their personal best.  The broader range of subjects and experiences allows students to develop their personal interests and talents as well as a deeper understanding of themselves.

Students’ confidence and resilience is built through active programming in the classroom as well as through Camps, Musical Ensembles, Drama Performances, Inter School Sport and other competitions.

Through spiritual, physical, academic and creative pursuits we educate the whole person, valuing the attributes they bring to the task of learning. We foster a culture in which thinking, creating, reflecting and striving are all essential activities as our students reinforce their desire to learn, exercise choice and develop their own unique personalities.

The core curriculum consists of English, Hebrew, Science, Mathematics, History, Geography, Jewish Studies, Philosophy, Health and PE and Art.

The Elective Program at Years 7 and 8 gives students the opportunity to take semester long studies in French,  Mandarin, Coding,  Creative Design, Theatrical Stagecraft,  Music,  Drama and Movement,  Food and Society, Design and Technologies,  Media.

Years 6-8 Curriculum Handbook

Years 6-8 Middle Years Flyer