Year 10 Program

The King David School prepares students in Year 10 for the demands of VCE by developing their study and research skills, essay and report writing and examination skills in each of the core and elective units studied. Students complete the core units of English, Mathematics and Science and History as well as choosing twelve units from an exciting array of elective offerings. Electives are organised as semester-long units. Students are required to select six elective units each semester.

Over the year students must choose:

• Four units in total of Jewish Studies and/or Hebrew

The choice of electives at Year 10 is an important decision and should be made by consulting the subject advice in Curriculum Handbook and by consideration of whether a sequence of semester units is required as a pre-requisite in order to continue the subject in VCE.

It is possible for some students at Year 10 to commence VCE units. The following units are currently being offered at Year 10, VCE Units 1 & 2:

• Business Management
• Psychology
• Hebrew, including VET Hebrew
• Information Technology
• Mathematical Methods
• Systems Engineering
• Health and Human Development

The VCE subjects offered are determined by student interest and ability. To be allowed to undertake VCE units in Year 10 students will be required to complete an application form which will be endorsed by parents before they are considered to be enrolled in the subject.

Years 9 & 10 Curriculum Handbook