The King David School offers a comprehensive range of studies, which are largely based upon the individual student’s needs, and our ability to deliver a program of excellence. To obtain the VCE certificate, a student must successfully complete at least 16 Units. It is recommended that most students take 22 Units over the two years. As a general rule students will undertake six Units in each semester of their first year and five Units in each semester of their second year. Any variations to this general rule should only be considered after consultation with the VCE Co-ordinator and the Careers Counsellor.

At The King David School, students are required to take a minimum of, and successfully complete, a full year’s study in either: Hebrew or Religion and Society in one of their two final years. Students may, if they wish, take a course in a combination of these studies. In each study, students will be provided with a list of outcomes with due dates for their completion, at the commencement of the year.

Year 11 students often study one Unit 3 and 4 sequence and therefore five Unit 1&2 studies. The choice is dependent on teacher recommendation and approval granted by the Head of Senior School. When students are designing their course of study, they should choose units that:

• Interest them
• They have an aptitude for
• Are pre-requisites for further training or tertiary courses that they are considering

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