There are many opportunities for students to step forward into leadership positions in the Senior School.

At Years 9 and 10 students can nominate to sit on the Moetzet – the Student Representative Council – that is convened by the School Captains and the Year 12 student leaders. The Moetzet meets regularly to decide on student intiatives and to represent the views of the students to the Head of Senior School and the Principal. Students may also take on a leadership role in relation to specific initiatives which they may champion.

At Year 11 students may stand for election to roles as Vice House Captains, assisting the Year 12 House Captains and Jewish Life Captains.

The prestigious positions of School Captains (one female, one male), Jewish Life Captains and House Captains are all elected. The School uses this opportunity to provide education into the democratic process and preferential voting. Aspiring Year 12 leaders may be nominated by students or teachers and must be endorsed by the Head of Senior School and the Principal. Once nominations are endorsed, the Educational Office of the Australian Electoral Commission conducts the elections, printing ballot papers, setting up booths and introducing the Senior Students to the formal experience of voting and the intricacies of the preferential voting system.

Student leaders are elected in the period just after Rosh Hashana and assume their positions immediately, from Tishrei to Tishrei annually.