New Horizons is the name given to TKDS Year 9 program. Designed to offer students opportunities to look outside themselves and to engage in the wider world, the program;

  • Builds students’ independence and resilience
  • Encourages students to operate beyond their previous comfort zones
  • Develops life skills
  • Encourages active and responsible citizenship

Term 1 – Rural Victoria investigation and Aboriginal studies immersion
Incorporating a three week camp, students engage in a challenging outdoor education program and research rural communities in the Milawa region. With the research component, students create and present their own rural community complete with by-laws, services and promotional campaigns. Students will be exposed to discussion and analysis of contemporary and historical aboriginal studies issues.

Term 2 – City Investigation
Incorporating a close examination of the services offered within cities. Students investigate the features of Melbourne as a city and elect to follow a trail – a legal, fashion, sport, commercial or other trail – based on their own interests.

Terms 3 and 4 – Personal Project Extended Investigation
Students will spend approximately 2 terms exploring, researching and developing a new product, allowing them to utilise critical thinking, innovative research skills and collaboration with others from its conception to completion. Students will learn the core skills and attributes of a successful entrepreneurial mindset. Hearing from keynote speakers in many walks of succesful business, students will apply their knowledge to the development of their own products.

The project will ask students to conceptualise an idea for a new product or concept, undertake extensive research to plan, evaluate, and reflect on the production process. Students will then present the final product in its physical format, to a distinguished audience, further preparing them for the skills needed to communicate effectively with others and undertake the creation of a large scale project both independently and collaboratively.