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Advances in technology, greater mobility and more frequent and diverse communication affect our everyday lives. Not only do people now require a high degree of technological and scientific knowledge, but there is also a critical need for skills such as interpreting the quality of information. There is an expectation that young adults will leave school with the capacity to communicate and learn in this context. Schools also have an important role in promoting social cohesion by enabling students to relate their own values with the experience of others.

The curriculum at The King David School has a number of important objectives. It delivers a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy, because much of adult life depends crucially on these skills. Students also begin to understand what determines a scientific question and what counts as evidence in dealing with such questions. Students develop a detailed knowledge of the history and culture they are inheriting and which they, in turn, will shape. They learn to work in teams, as this a feature of contemporary work. Students also improve their problem solving capacity and this will help them transgress into new subject disciplines and to begin to build new expertise. The ability to synthesise, create and apply new information will crucially important in the future.

Please download our curriculum handbooks below:

Years 6-8 Curriculum Handbook
Years 9 & 10 Curriculum Handbook
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