Kadimah Program

The Kadimah program is one of the highlights of the Year 3 -5 curriculum. It is an opportunity for the students to work together in multi age groups to further extend their learning experiences. Kadimah literally means ‘moving forward’.

At The King David School, we are aware that students learn in different ways, and through the Kadimah program, students experience stimulating learning beyond the basic classroom curriculum, catering for their individual learning styles and in the process supporting and developing their self esteem.

Kadimah offers a range of activities including yoga, drama, health, photography and circus skills. Students rotate through the activities, undertaking one unit each term.

Connections Program

Leadership is a journey – that’s why the Middle School Connections Program focuses on the learning of leadership and life skills. At the Magid Campus, the curriculum is supported by a dynamic program designed to enable students to emerge from Middle School with a toolkit for learning. Students become aware of their personal learning styles, learn to deal with others, become resilient, develop conflict resolution skills and become active members of the Jewish and Australian community.

As part of the Connections Program, each student is a member of a Personal Development club for one semester. Some of the many club options available include a student newspaper, social outreach, Israeli dancing, chess, film studies and debating.

The Thinking Exhibition is a Year 8 initiative where students delve into their own intelligences to define their individual learning styles—then study and present an eminent personality who shares their style. It’s a creative, innovative program that develops independent research skills and helps students identify relevant role-models.

Another important part of the Middle School program is to recognise the importance of the milestone B’nei Mitzvah year with a special celebratory synagogue service. Boys and girls in Year 7 participate equally in the rituals, prayer leading and organisation of the proceedings, in keeping with the philosophy of Progressive Judaism and experiential learning. Families and the King David community are invited to share this special event.