Psychological Services

The School employs three Educational Psychologists. Student counselling assists students with a wide range of problems including social, academic and familial. The psychologists all contribute to an atmosphere where students feel they can resolve problems, learn life skills and achieve academically. The School also offers special programs for the development of friendship skills as well as an extensive parent education program. The School has pro-active programs to deal with social issues, bullying and a wide range of other issues.

Learning Support

All students are assessed annually on reading comprehension, spelling and mathematics. These results are used to monitor progress as well as help to ascertain which students require extra assistance or enrichment. If a student requires extra assistance he or she will receive one-on-one or small group sessions, depending on the student’s needs.

The Learning Support teacher also provides advice to teachers and parents on individual learning difficulties, curriculum differentiation and methods for assisting children at home.

English as a Second Language

The aim of the ESL program is to assist students from a Non-English Speaking Background (NESB) to achieve their full potential through the development of English language skills. This is achieved through the following processes:

  • Assisting students to integrate into Australian society and the local Jewish community.
  • Provision of individual and small group lessons.
  • Provision of advice to teachers on pedagogy, assessment and reporting for ESL students.
  • Provision of teaching resources to teachers and advice to parents.

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