Prep is widely recognised as an important milestone in each child’s learning journey. It is where students learn how to read and write and to make sense of numbers using the most fundamental mathematical principles.

The King David School recognises that Prep is also about a holistic education and achieves this by nurturing curiosity, creativity, challenges and emotions within our students by encouraging them to inquire about their own learning.

Our School has a fundamental understanding that learning is directly connected to the brain, and therefore, to truly understand this process, our students need to know about the brain and how it likes to learn best. Our teaching pedagogy therefore, has a strong connection and is supported by Educational Neuroscience. Knowing and Understanding how the brain collects information, how it processes it and then ultimately transfers it to similar and new contexts is a priority within our everyday teaching. This educational principle is further enhanced and supported through the work of Professor Carol Dweck on a “growth mindset”. Throughout the day, students are continually encouraged to “have a go” and are constantly reminded that we learn as much from our mistakes as we do from our achievements. While they might not be able to accomplish something “yet,” with perseverance, time and effort they will.

With an innovative approach to learning, our Prep programs aim to get the most from each child. By prioritising a differentiated learning curriculum for each individual, the opportunity for concepts to be understood and consolidated is increased. 

Aristotle said “Educating the head without educating the heart is no education at all.”

At King David, we place equal emphasis on the academic development of our students and on their emotional and social development.

We have an integrated and dynamic Wellbeing program with a strong focus on understanding our emotions. This focus has allowed our students to develop and mature their interpersonal skills, which helps collaboration and collegiality amongst students in and outside the classroom. Teachers also recognise how students are feeling at the start of each lesson and how this would directly impact their learning.

The new Junior School housing Kindergarten and Prep – Year 5 is located on the fully refurbished Dandenong Road campus.

The new front play space with kibbutz garden features an underground drop off bay. The Prep Hub has a separate entrance into the mansion with flexible learning areas to allow for collaborative group work.