Visual Arts

The Visual Art Program provides an important creative outlet for the communication of ideas and feelings for the students. Students are encouraged to express themselves while exploring and experimenting with a variety of materials, tools and media. A range of sequential learning experiences provide the students with the opportunity to develop skills in 2D and 3D media.

Creating and making art work involves imagination, experimentation, planning and the application of art elements, principles, skills, techniques and processes, reflection and refinement. Each unit begins with the study of a particular artist. This helps students understand various techniques and to see how artists approach different media and concepts.

Students are immersed in, and encouraged to use, the language of Art and to develop an appreciation of all artwork. They explore their own works and those of artists working in different historic and cultural contexts. They learn to express their personal opinions, analyse and describe features of their work and the work of others.

Throughout the year many opportunities are provided for the students to display and present their works of art at the campus and in related exhibitions.