Learning to read, write, speak and listen are critical early literacy skills. Students at Junior School begin developing these skills through a combination of phonemic and visual approaches.

Reading is taught using a variety of methods to suit the students’ learning styles. Early literacy is enhanced by interactive and educational computer programs. Students have access to a wide variety of reading matter in their classrooms as well as being able to borrow from the library. Students are tested regularly to ensure that their reading material is at the appropriate level.

Speaking and listening are vital skills that are constantly being nurtured and assessed at school. Students are encouraged to speak with clarity and expression. These skills are practised in classroom discussions as Show and Tell, in Philosophy and through oral presentations.

Writing for many purposes and audiences is developed from Prep onwards. The conventions of grammar and spelling are taught through word lists, direct instruction and class exercises. In addition these skills are reinforced in context to empower students to write in a variety of modes.

Literature, drama, everyday texts (e.g. advertisements, instructions) and mass media are studied. Genres and information networks on computer are all part of the Literacy curriculum. Specific literacy based websites like Bug Club are used to enhance English skills.