Yesh: Israel Is Real

The Yesh program is a 4 week Israel experience for Year 10 students that brings together a deep understanding of the history of Eretz Yisrael, combined with an experience of the social, legal and ecological issues facing the modern State.

The serious learning is lightened by Shabbatot and an immersion in the sights and sounds of today’s Israel. Visits to the Kottel, to the tunnels and the Southern excavation begin the experience which takes students to Elijah’s cave, Massada and into the Middle Ages in Tzfat and the birth of Kabbala. Yad Vashem is a sombre focus.  Then Independence Hall, the Palmach Museum and Ben Gurion’s tomb enable the students to revisit the birth of Medinat Yisrael.  Working in a soup kitchen, volunteering at an Absorption Centre, meeting Druze students, immersing themselves in the Ecological mission of Kibbutz Lotan and planting in JNF forests, awakens insight into the vast challenges faced daily in Israel.

The vibrant life and optimistic nation building is experienced firsthand in the markets of Machane Yehuda and the Haas Promenade, on the hikes, the visit to the caves at Rosh Hanikra and most importantly through experiencing Shabbat together in Israel.

For more information about Yesh, please don’t hesitate to contact our Senior School on 9291 7900.