Teaching Israel at The King David School

At The King David School, we place Israel at the heart of our work and our study. We teach for identification with Israel and for an understanding of her language, geography, history and current affairs. We pray and work for peace. As a school that prides itself on being modern and quintessentially Jewish, we believe that our relationship with Israel is healthy only when it is complex, textured and deeply personal.

Recent understandings of Israel within the Jewish world have begun to suggest a stifling dichotomy. Either you are for Israel, or against Israel. Either you must passionately support Israel’s every action, or you must critique and attack and complain. We at The King David School, reject the simplicity of this approach and believe as educators, that it is a mistake to assume that Israel can be approached through only one prism of understanding.

In a relationship that is built on inheritance and choice, on closeness and distance, and on mutually understanding, we challenge our students to search for varied and multi-faceted ways of exploring and developing their relationship with Israel. Only hugging Israel is not enough. At The King David School, we believe that there is a time for hugging and a time for wrestling, and all the rest of the time should be given over to a conversation between the two.

Simply put, we believe that the more we approach Israel from varied angles, the more we assess and embrace, smile and grapple, the more responsibility we find our students taking for their relationship with Israel. Our goal is clear – to graduate young men and women who have Israel at the core of their identity and who are able to engage in reasoned, informed and sophisticated discussion about the Jewish homeland.