Parent And Child Education (PACE)

At King David we are immensely proud of the fact that we are a modern, thinking, Jewish School. Whether they are in Kindergarten or Year 12, we challenge each and every one of our students to forge strong and proud Jewish identities.

We do this by not only focusing on traditional “Jewish Learning”, but by equally emphasising “Jewish Living”. Learning we know is essential to develop a mature understanding of eternal Jewish values and mission, but nothing can substitute experiencing first-hand the intense beauty and joy of Jewish living.

Appreciating also that our student’s Jewish education is most effective when it is reinforced at home we have introduced a wonderful new program of designed to bring the entire family together for a shared learning experience that is both memorable and meaningful.

Our PACE Program is designed as a natural extension of Jewish studies curriculum and offers families a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow together.

The current PACE programs include:

Junior Kindergarten Bedtime Rituals
Senior Kindergarten Havdalah
Prep Chanukah Celebration
Year 1 Harvest Dinner
Year 2 Sukkot Workshop
Year 3 Shabbat Workshop
Year 4 Passover Olympics
Year 5 Israel Is Real