Our Approach To Prayer

The School believes that it is very important for all students to engage in meaningful prayer. We pray for three primary reasons; to foster spirituality, to connect with Am Yisrael (people hood) and to ensure Jewish literacy.

Each day we begin homeroom with the recitation of a number of key blessings. In addition, students come together for a weekly Shacharit (Morning) service at which students, staff or special guests will read from the Torah or teach about the parasha shavuah (weekly portion).

In these services, students with an upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah may be invited to help lead the service or receive a special blessing from the community. Similarly we also believe that T’fillah (prayer) is a wonderful time to recognise and appreciate birthdays and other celebrations.

Over last few years, our teachers and students have worked hard to develop our own unique siddur which we are happy to share with you. Ha Siddur Shelanu (Our Prayer Book) is available in both print and digital formats.