RenderedImage - Samara Meyerthal

Sensory delight in Visual Arts

It’s been a busy couple of weeks throughout Term 2 for the Visual Arts students. A range of experiences, excursions and student work exhibitions to finish off the term.

Year 4 students looked at the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai who did woodblock prints of waterfalls. Then they used Plasticine to make their own waterfall sculpted paintings.

Years 11 and 12 Visual Arts students visited various exhibitions around Melbourne. Media and Visual communication design students visited the Top Designs exhibition, noting the high achieving student works from 2020, and gaining ideas and understanding of how to develop and conceptualise their own works. Studio Arts students visited the National Gallery of Victoria and Australian Centre for Contemporary Art to assist in their studies for art development and appreciation.

There are a range of competitions and initiatives that the students are currently involved in across the School. Many students are submitting some quality entries for The King David School artworks of the month – the response has been outstanding!

Media film students now have the opportunity to have their films screened on a new TV installation at the Visual Arts hub at Rebecca Magid Centre. This is a permanent fixture that is creating a dynamic visual display of animation and live action narratives.

As we head into Term 3, more Visual Arts excursions are planned as well as exhibitions of student work in the B’nai Brith art exhibition and the Independent Schools Victoria exhibition. More details to come!

David De Menna
Visual Arts Learning Area Leader