When examining what is most valued about our School and why it is that people are so proud to be associated with King David, it is clear to me that students, staff, families and other key stakeholders in the wider School community all cherish the strong bond and relationships that exist between staff, students and families and the sense that everyone is considered to be a vital part of the community for the unique characteristics that they bring.

Marc Light, Principal
The core values of inclusivity, egalitarianism and social justice makes King David a School where families all feel they belong. This welcoming community also values individual self expression and encourages students to question the world around them with an inquisitive approach to learning. There are a number of key areas that we believe make The King David School a valuable partner in educating your children:


Emotional Intelligence is taught to all students through The King David School Centre for Student Wellbeing. The RULER approach to Wellbeing from Yale University encourages students to understand, label and regulate their emotions. This is seen by the School as an important life skill to be used to maximise academic performance and to be successful in adult life. For more information on the Wellbeing Program, please click here.

Jewish Life

The King David School is home to families of increasingly diverse backgrounds. We provide joyful and meaningful Jewish experiences to all of our students and purposefully do not teach “one way” of being Jewish. We aim to provide our students with all the tools they need to make their own informed choices of how Judaism works in their life and within their families. For more information on Jewish Learning at King David, please click here.

Academic Success

Our VCE Results consistently place our School in the top 4% of the State. Our teachers provide a high level of support to all students and extra assistance is available to those who require learning support. Our teaching style offers differentiation which means that we understand that not all students will learn in the same way so our teaching approach must be tailored to meet the needs of our students. In the Senior School, our Careers Councillors support our students in making appropriate choices and students have been successful in attaining their preferences for tertiary entrance. For further information on recent VCE results, please click here.