Students at The King David School have the opportunity to develop their performance skills through their involvement in School Productions, Drama, Movement and Drama, and Theatre Studies electives.

The Year 7 and 8 Movement and Drama programs introduce students to dramatic and choreographic concepts and techniques through both written and practical tasks. Students develop their ability to plan, create, perform and apply expressive skill through their study of Mime, Puppetry, Improvisation, Role-Play, Scripted Dramas and Monologues. Students also learn to develop both their coordination and movement vocabulary through their participation in both traditional and contemporary dance classes.

Drama is offered as an elective at Year 9 and allows students to extend their knowledge of performance styles and conventions. Students develop various solo and ensemble dramatic works for presentation to an audience. They experiment with theatrical stagecraft including lighting, sound, costume and make-up; creatively applying each to enhance their performances.

Students at Year 10 prepare for the VCE Theatre Studies course offered at the School through a focus on acting and stagecraft. Students develop both a monologue and ensemble piece for performance at Senior Drama Nights. Year 10 students study theatrical styles and eras including Melodrama, Aboriginal Theatre, Australian Theatre, Physical Theatre and contemporary playscripts.

VCE Theatre Studies students develop and apply stagecraft throughout the four stages of the production process in the realisation of a play for performance. They evaluate the effectiveness of the application of stagecraft to highlight the intended meaning and context of a written playscript in professional performances. Students also develop and showcase their acting skills through their own interpretation of a monologue performance.