Dear Parents and Friends,

In 2013, School Council commissioned an external report that was prepared by specialist educational consultant, Circle – The Centre for Innovation, Research, Creativity and Leadership in Education. The report analysed all aspects of the School and included content around culture, philosophy, finance and optimal operational structures, to touch on just a few.

I would like to thank members of our community particularly staff and parents who gave their time and participated in various surveys and group sessions in order to provide Circle with valuable input.

After analysing the results of this research via our own strategic workshops and consultations, School Council is delighted to release our “Strategic Framework” document.

This document articulates what School Council believes The King David School stands for and outlines the School’s vision and purpose for being. The document will provide a deliberate and strategic reference by which operational decisions will be determined and implemented.

Our Principal, Marc Light and the Senior Leadership Team are already working on the next phase of this process – the detailed Operational Plan which will specifically tie in to this Strategic Framework and will outline how our School and our staff will deliver on each of the five key pillars identified by School Council as integral to our being.

I invite you all to read this document HERE


Mark Harrison

Immediate Past President – School Council