Welcome to the volunteer sign up! You are welcome to volunteer at any stall that you would like.  Please click through to the sign up page. We are grateful for your support. We need every parent to contribute to making the King’s Carnival a success for our School!

All volunteers will need a current Working With Children Check. There is no cost for this for volunteers.  Please click here to complete the form:    http://www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au/home/

Friday set up volunteersignup.org/K4QR3
Saturday set up volunteersignup.org/JKYE4
Sunday pack up volunteersignup.org/DAB7E
 Arts and Crafts Ninja Squishy balls volunteersignup.org/XT3B7
Face painting volunteersignup.org/K4AHT
Plaster casts volunteersignup.org/W8RDX
Fishing for Treasure volunteersignup.org/K3EAE
T shirt Painting volunteersignup.org/YJ3EL
Biscuit Decorating volunteersignup.org/WBJKJ
Badge & Magnet Making volunteersignup.org/BEQC7
 Retail Donation sorting (toys and vintage clothes stalls) volunteersignup.org/HA47E
Toys volunteersignup.org/WXKEQ
Vintage & fancy dress clothes volunteersignup.org/CMHWE
Second hand Books volunteersignup.org/CWWBJ
Artisan Market volunteersignup.org/TY77D
KDSPA stall volunteersignup.org/RJTPF
Ticket Booth volunteersignup.org/BL8BY
Silent Auction volunteersignup.org/MAQ47
Garden volunteersignup.org/DAEKY
Wine volunteersignup.org/RHERW
 Food Esther’s KitchEN volunteersignup.org/TAPCJ
Coon Toasties volunteersignup.org/Y7ME8
Drinks, Watermelon & Icypoles volunteersignup.org/ELWTL
Roll’d Vietnamese volunteersignup.org/X9E3M
Donuts volunteersignup.org/9KTRF
Salads volunteersignup.org/BKLH7
Cupcakes & Lemonade volunteersignup.org/JRKAA
Smoothie Bikes volunteersignup.org/9Q9EL
Coffee & Biscuits volunteersignup.org/XTTCW
Poffertjes (Dutch Pancakes) volunteersignup.org/RCBMA
BBQ volunteersignup.org/B9HCE
Sweet Tooth volunteersignup.org/KMK7R