Welcome to the volunteer sign up! You are welcome to volunteer at any stall that you would like.  Please click through to the sign up page. We are grateful for your support. We need every parent to contribute to making the King’s Carnival a success for our School!

All volunteers will need a current Working With Children Check. There is no cost for this for volunteers.  Please click here to complete the form:    http://www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au/home/

Several stalls are now filled so you may not see the stall you are looking for below. There are still many spots to sign up and we especially need people to assist with Saturday set up and Sunday pack up.

Friday set up volunteersignup.org/K4QR3
Saturday set up volunteersignup.org/JKYE4
Sunday pack up volunteersignup.org/DAB7E
 Arts and Crafts Fishing for Treasure  volunteersignup.org/K3EAE
Body Art  volunteersignup.org/K4AHT
Jar/Loom Bands  volunteersignup.org/TW8A9
Ninja Squishy Balls  volunteersignup.org/XT3B7
Knitting workshop  volunteersignup.org/K93Y9
Folding a rainbow installation  volunteersignup.org/9P4AJ
 Retail KDSPA Stall volunteersignup.org/RJTPF
New Gifts volunteersignup.org/4WL8K
Second Hand books volunteersignup.org/CWWBJ
Silent Auction volunteersignup.org/MAQ47
Made by KiDS volunteersignup.org/M49TC
 Food BBQ volunteersignup.org/B9HCE
Coffee and Biscuits volunteersignup.org/XTTCW
Fruit Salad volunteersignup.org/PMP7Q
Icy Poles volunteersignup.org/3E34Y
Bowls by Beatt volunteersignup.org/4R3KQ
Salads volunteersignup.org/BKLH7
Smoothie Bikes volunteersignup.org/9Q9EL
Wine volunteersignup.org/RHERW
Sweet tooth volunteersignup.org/KMK7R
 Entertainment Footy handball volunteersignup.org/QAFCR
3 in to win volunteersignup.org/4B739
Strike a pose volunteersignup.org/FRR3X
Wooden you fly a plane volunteersignup.org/MRJDE
Cinema volunteersignup.org/KCHDL