Deb_CantoniV2Deb Cantoni is the founder and owner of The Space Dance & Arts Centre in Melbourne ( one of Melbourne’s biggest dance studios; Le Bop — Modern Jive in Melbourne, Tasmania, Auckland, Tauranga and Taranaki (NZ) ( and Space Dancewear ( Deb is also an Occupational Therapist but as she says “that was in her past life”.

Deb has been on the Parent’s Association since 2012, she is the Class Rep Co-ordinator and also runs the Extended School Hours Care dance classes.  Her husband is Ariel and they have 3 delicious kids at the School, Charli, Eden & Netani. A kooky thing about their family that you don’t really need to know is that the first initial of each of their first names spell D.A.N.C.E. !