We are excited to announce a new initiative at the 2019 King’s Carnival.CHEMIST WAREHOUSE_RED HOUSE_YELLOW KEYKINE LOGO

Introducing ‘The Chemist Warehouse Wellness Centre’!

The Wellness Centre embraces our strong belief that physical and mental wellness is a priority in the lives on our children, our parents, our teachers and the broader KDS community. The Wellness Centre brings about an opportunity to for everyone to engage in activities which nourish the mind, body and soul.

Enjoy a YOGA session, speak to a KINESIOLOGIST or come and join in on a DRUMMING CIRCLE.

Group sessions run for 45 minutes and are:

  • 11am – Yoga with Tanya Levy
  • 12pm – Flow Class with Rochelle Gance
  • 1pm – Stress management with Deena Spektor
  • 2pm – Chakra / Meditation Session with  Tanya Levy
  • 3pm – Magical Drum Healing with Melissa Abrahams

 For private sessions please contact Vikki Friedman to make a booking on either 0410-745-737 or contact@metreatretreats.com


  • Group sessions – $5 or 1 coupon
  • Individual sessions – $10 or 2 coupons

We thank our wonderful KDS Parents who are contributing to The Wellness Centre and Chemist Warehouse who are sponsoring this new initiative!

Melissa_Abrahams_photo_13moons_directory_2018Melissa Abrahams is a Medicine Weaver, alchemical healer, wise woman, ceremonial space-holder. With a great capacity for deep listening and bearing witness, Melissa walks between the worlds, weaving her unique witchy wisdom in the service of liberation and freedom for all beings. Melissa is a fully qualified acupuncturist, with degrees in Psychology and Law, and is a graduate of the School of Shamanic Womancraft. Melissa has been training and working in the fields of healing and transformation for more than 20 years, and runs a private healing practice. Melissa facilitates many sorts of sacred spaces including women’s circles, rights of passage circles, seasonal cycle ceremonies and shamanic drum journeys.



Rochelle_PBF-35-EditxxRochelle Gance is a Mind Body Health Coach who helps people to feel calmer, more connected and more resilient to the stresses, anxiety and overwhelm of daily life.  She supports her clients through personal coaching, her Women’s Circle and Flow Tai Chi Classes.

Description of Flow
Flow is a beautiful and gentle practice that is a fusion of Tai Chi and Qigong.  Flow Supports:



  • releasing muscle tension
  • releasing stress in the body
  • improved blood circulation
  • reducing inflammation and injuries
  • flexibility and mobility in your spine
  • mind and body benefits

Slow rhythmic movements help you to slow down and relax.

profile pic of meTanya Levy is a personal development coach. She has been working in the wellness industry for over 25 years. Tanya coaches people who are wanting to create change in their life, to transform limiting mindsets and beliefs, so they can live a happy and healthy life full of purpose. She teaches yoga and meditation, conducts intuitive healing and life coaching sessions, Recently Tanya has joined forces with the dynamic Vikki Freidman running METreat retreats. Retreats for women focusing on fun, friendship and wellness.

Yoga class – Gentle yoga class appropriate for all. Gentle flowing movements to remove stiffness, increase energy and balance the mind, body and soul. A perfect way to start your day at the Fete.

Chakra Balancing – Chakra alignment we will – discover which chakras are blocked and then experience a combination of intuitive healing, crystal, and essential oils to restore and balance the chakra,  then align each of the chakras to one another.

Chakra Meditation session – This will be a guided meditation journey through the chakras. Participants will be lying down. You will experience each of the chakras and their associated colours and lessons. This an amazing experience not to be missed. It is appropriate for  Adults and children.

VikkiFriedmanMETreatVikki Friedman is the Founder of METreat and a busy mother of three boys aged 9, 11 and 14. She started the business following a long and difficult history with anxiety and depression, which resulted in her being hospitalised for five weeks when her three boys were very young.

Once Vikki recovered, she made a promise to herself to attend a retreat every year as part of regular self-care and prevention of relapse. Vikki had learned the importance of ‘ME’time and self-care and realised that when she is happy her family and relationships benefit too.

Vikki had an amazing time at various retreats over the next five years and in addition to the wellness activities she participated in, found her favourite aspect of each retreat was the opportunity to connect with other women, form new friendships, share new experiences and, most importantly, have fun and laugh!!

In 2017 she made the decision to leave her job in online-fundraising to start METreat Retreats. She wanted to bring her love of retreats and her understanding of the huge benefits they provide to women and in particular, mums.

Vikki is responsible for planning, organising and marketing METreat Retreats. Vikki loves connecting with, supporting and helping women to thrive in all areas of their lives.


Deena Spektor is a qualified, registered Kinesiologist who is enthusiastic about utilising her knowledge of Kinesiology to assist her clients to recognise what’s holding them back, on a physical or emotional level and help them reach their goals.

Deena loves that as a Kinesiologist, she can incorporate principles from a wide range of alternative health practices such as Chinese medicine principles, essential oils, flower essences and colour therapy.

Deena believes that Kinesiology can provide practical tools to her clients, which when utilised effectively, can contribute to improvements in their overall wellbeing.

Stress Management Session

Deena wishes to share some tools that can be practiced in your everyday life to assist you when you a feeling stressed or struggling to deal with everyday situations