Tuck Shop ordering is available online at www.school24.com.au.

Ordering for Term 1 is open.

Tuck Shop lunch orders are available to all Junior and Senior Kindergarten students and Junior School students on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Staff are welcome to order

Orders can be placed up until 9 pm, 2 nights before via our online booking service, for example for Tuesday the cut off is 9pm Sunday night. If you prefer to order for the whole term you can by going through and entering in an order for each date, there is no bulk order date.

Setting Up a New Account

  1. Go to www.school24.com.au
  2. Click on the ‘Parents Sign Up’ button on the upper right hand side and enter school registration #2576963
  3. Follow the easy to use registration instructions for signing up your child/children
  4. Once you’ve registered, you’ll log in, click on the add students button and then ‘Top Up’ your account using a credit card or Paypal

How to Order

  1. From the home page select your child’s name
  2.  Add the date into the space below it by clicking on the calendar and select  eg 11/2/14
  3. Click start order
  4. The menu sections come up on the left for you to click and select
  5. Place items in the basket you wish to order then check out
  6. NOTE for the sausage sizzle weeks they will come up below the main ordering section as a special event and the date will be blank/closed in the main menu
  7. NOTE If you order the same thing each day you can save as favourite and reorder by clicking on favourite and adding in the date

Tuck Shop Window

The tuck shop window will be open at lunch on Tuesday and Thursday for the school students with a spending limit of $2