Introducing KDS Talent Show!

Been feeling like those kitchen dance routines could take you professional? Want to take your shower singing to the next level? Developed a new iso creative talent that the world just needs to see? Then this is the place for you! 

But I have so many talents, how do I choose?! 

  • You can present a performance of whatever you want – you can write it yourself, or perform a version of a pre-written text.
  • Some genres you may like to consider are: song, dance, monologue, music, stand up comedy, puppet show, short play…..
  • Consider how you can get creative at home – what tools, resources, props, set pieces, settings can you find in your house and backyard to give your performance that extra flair? 

How to participate: 

  • You need to create a 1-2 minute audition tape of your special creative talent.
  • Upload your video to Google Drive and share it with
  • If your audition is successful and you are shortlisted, you will be notified and asked to create a final performance.
  • There will be prizes for first, second and third place!
  • The deadline for the audition tapes is Friday 16 October.

For inspiration, please view the following short video: HERE