SQUARE HAPPY_SAD- Deborah & Willy1227_v2Deborah Conway has been a significant and eloquent contributor to Australian music for over 30 years. Her first band Do Re Mi topped the charts; her first solo album, String of Pearls achieved platinum sales. Conway met Willy Zygier in 1991 and together they have released albums that have attracted critical acclaim from reviewers and audience plaudits. Conway & Zygier continue to be a vital force; their most recent recording Everybody’s Begging, received a rare 5 star review in The Australian. They have pursued careers of extra curricular activities alongside the core business of writing, recording and performing their songs. These have included producing the national concert series called Broad of all female singer/songwriters 2005 – 2008; Conway took on the role of Artistic Director for the Queensland Music Festival 2009 – 2011; in 2015 they established the Melbourne Shir Madness Jewish Music Festival & continued their roles as Director & Artistic Director for the 2017 iteration; in 2016 Conway & Zygier’s 1993 5/4 anthem Alive & Brilliant, was inducted into the National Film & Sound Archive; Conway was named a Living Legend twice by the Leaps & Bounds Festival and Rolling Stone Magazine.

They are currently recording their 10th album due out in 2019.