Frequently Asked Questions

How will I drop off and pick up my young children from Dandenong Rd?

An underground car park is being constructed on the Dandenong Rd site which will have a drop off and pick up zone. There will be room to park for parents of Pre- School children to take the children into the rooms.

Why is Year 6 included in the senior year levels?

The structure we are establishing retains the School’s educational philosophy. In this way we ensure that the focus is on appropriate cohorts of year levels, being:

  • Preschool
  • Prep – Year 2
  • Year 3 – Year 5
  • Year 6 – Year 8
  • Year 9 – Year 12
Where does everyone go while building works are happening?

A detailed schedule has been developed to ensure that we minimise disruption to the learning. This schedule is available for viewing on the Schools’ Intranet.

How long will the project take?

We estimate a 3 year process, with building works to begin Term 4, 2013. This is dependent on Stonnington Council building and planning permit approvals. We are confident that we have allowed enough lead time to enable the project to commence as planned.

How will Year 11 & 12 be impacted in 2014?

We are working towards the building works having minimal impact on all students, but particularly our senior students. These students will only be moved once the new, purpose built facility is complete on Orrong Rd, expected to be for the beginning of Term 1, 2015.

How many car spots will there be at the Dandenong Rd Campus, and how will they be used?

There will be 29 spots. We are currently required by Stoninngton Council to have off street parking. We will be increasing the number of parking spaces in order to allow parents to drop off their children safely and for parents of Pre-School children to park when they deliver and collect them.

Will the project impact school fees?

All costs associated with the project will be covered from the sale of the Kooyong Rd site and a capital campaign will be launched, in time. Parents will not be required to contribute to the development through school fees or levies.

Will there be staffing changes?

It is anticipated that teachers will continue to teach across the year levels similar to those with which they now work.

What happens to currently named room and facilities?

All families or individuals who have donated to the School will continue to be recognised within the new development. The Chair of our Foundation and the Foundation Manager will meet with families to determine the appropriate recognition of their family’s generosity.

How will the atmosphere of the Kooyong Rd Campus be maintained at Dandenong Rd?

All the myriad of factors that create the atmosphere of Kooyong Rd campus will be maintained. Some examples of these are – the creative assemblies, all the special celebrations of the festivals, Monday morning Tefillah, communication with parents, opportunities for parents to meet and talk informally at the campus?

Will there be problems with the interaction of younger students with older students?

During 2012 there has been a strong focus on developing student leadership. The educators are confident that with continued attention to this area, the relationships between older and younger students will be a positive experience of role modelling and active support.