Visual Arts Scholarships

A Visual Arts Scholarship is available to both prospective and current students of The King David School who are entering Year 9 in the following year.

The Visual Arts Scholarship is awarded annually to a student who demonstrates outstanding ability in Visual Arts in addition to general academic excellence. Students must be able to demonstrate expertise in Visual Arts and complete the academic scholarship examination held at the school.

A Visual Arts Scholarship recipient is expected to make progress in keeping with such an award and to substantially contribute to Visual Arts within the school through active participation in its Visual Arts program. Recipients are expected to continue with at least one subject from the Visual Arts faculty through to Year 12.

The recipient must be available at all reasonable times to represent the School in their particular field of expertise and must be willing to serve as an ambassador of the School promoting his/her achievements as a student of The King David School; and demonstrate a positive and constructive attitude towards school work and abide by the rules and regulations of the School.

Candidates are required to sit the academic scholarship examination.

The Visual Arts Coordinator will interview candidates together with the Principal. Candidates should bring evidence of their visual arts achievements to the interview with appropriate referees and their contact details attached.

If you have any questions about the scholarship please to not hesitate to contact the Admissions department on 9527 0102 or For more information about Edutest please refer to their website: