Graduating Class of 2019!

Dear Community,

I write to congratulate our outstanding graduating class of 2019.

At our recent Graduation Dinner I said the following to the students:

“You are an extraordinary group of individuals who have a vast array of individual talents and passions – you are champions in your own right. But you come together as a group who have made a very significant impact on our school community and on one another. I have been inspired by how you have embraced school life and ...

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An Evening of Celebration

The annual Presentation Evening held at Robert Blackwood Hall at Monash University provided the School community with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate another successful year. The evening included a special graduation ceremony for the class of 2019 with heartfelt reflections from Aaron Greenwell, Raquel Trapler as well as Roshei Hanhagah (School Captains), Freya Boltman and Ella Freeman. The choir and orchestra entertained the audience with highlights from Mama Mia! and The Greatest Showman. VCE Graduates, Rachel Silber and Freya Boltman ...

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Friends of King David – Lyon Housemuseum

Friends of the King David School organised a very special event on Sunday at the Lyon Housemuseum. Bookings were at capacity and guests were generously hosted by Corbet Lyon who presented on many of the works which comprise a selection of his 360 art works from highly regarded contemporary Australian artists. He also gave a short impromptu performance on a specially commissioned organ.

It was a wonderful event and a special opportunity to enjoy the unique architecture of the Lyon Housemuseum, ...

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World Philosophy Day

Yesterday the Junior School celebrated ‘World Philosophy Day’. Students donned robot, computer character, and futuristic costumes in accordance with our ‘Technologic in the Digital Age’ theme.

Our budding Philosophers were immersed in all activities as they showcased their critical and collaborative thinking skills to conquer technology-themed ‘Escape Quests’. Additionally, it was wonderful to see our thinkers display creative and verbal reasoning skills during our Communities of Inquiry.

We were thrilled to host Philosopher Michelle Sowey who facilitated a variety of these engaging ...

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Innovative Schools Award!

The King David School was recently awarded the 2019 Innovative Schools Award by the Educator online magazine. This is awarded to schools at the cutting edge of change and innovation in Australia. King David has been noted as one of the schools making the most profound and exciting impact in education today.

King David has been recognised as a pioneer in utilising the major advancements in the field of Educational Neuroscience. The King David School has used this knowledge and understanding ...

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Gan Seorah went to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

Last Wednesday Gan Seorah enjoyed an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo. Endangered animals was our topic of choice and we were treated to a beautiful play-based session by our Zoo keeper guide Francesca. Over the last week or so we have focused our learning on three Australian endangered animals, the Helmeted Honeyeater, the Corroboree Frog and the Eastern Barred Bandicoot. Francesca reinforced the learning back at Kinder and the children had the chance to engage with a range of materials ...

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Climate change and cities of the future

Throughout the Humanities classes in Term 3 , Year 7 students worked very hard tackling the difficult problem of climate change and how the cities of the future will be designed to sustainably manage the needs of a growing population while reducing our carbon footprint.

In small groups, students researched, designed and built sustainable cities of the future. Each city had to deliver zero emissions strategies across four key sectors: Energy, Transportation, Housing/Infrastructure and Agriculture. At their Exhibition on Friday, the ...

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Name a Star!

Gan Rimon Kindergarten this year has been studying the Apollo 11 Anniversary and all about the Solar System. This led into the “name a star and its orbiting planet” competition which we entered, as part of the International Astronomical Union its 100 birthday. We are one of the 6 finalists!

We would love everyone to vote so that our Kindergarten and The King David School will have the prestige honour of naming a new Solar System . The finalist with the most votes ...

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Passion for Thinking Extravaganza

On Tuesday evening, parents and staff attended the Passion for Thinking exhibition. It celebrated the term-long endeavour of the Year 8 students as they were tasked to create personal, innovative and creative projects that resonated their strengths and passions. Students put together vibrant stalls in order to display their research, journals and projects which ranged from artisan clothes and candles, to children’s picture books, musical innovations, podcasts, art and so much more.

It was a great pleasure to witness the students’ ...

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Representation at the United Nations!

Several pairs of Years 11 and 12 students have embarked on a journey of political discovery over August and September, participating in the annual UN Youth Victoria Evatt Model United Nations competition. Representing one of the fifteen UN member countries of the Security Council, they have debated, amended and voted on resolutions concerning global issues such as xenophobia, Nigerian elections and deforestation.

At various half day sessions over several weeks, each pair was allocated a country to represent in the round ...

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