National Reconciliation Week

The campaign for this year’s important National Reconciliation Week is:“Don’t Keep History A Mystery: Learn. Share. Grow”. It highlights some of the lesser known aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, histories, cultures, and achievements.

In response to this, Year 8 students were involved in an education session with Stand Up Australia. As part of their preparation for their upcoming trip to Jabiru, students also watched a short film that explored Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples responding to common questions. ...

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Year 6 film-making workshop

On Wednesday this week, Irene Metter came into our class for a workshop. She is a professional documentary film-maker, and has lots of experience making films.

In English, we are all making films about a school legend that we made up, and we thought it would be a good idea for an experienced movie maker to come in and show us how. She showed us how to get the right scene lighting, the right sounds and the right camera angles. She ...

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Multi-generations rally together

On Wednesday we went to Emmy Monash to help the residents make 500 sandwiches for children my age that don’t go to school with lunch. It was really fun and a special experience to work together to help others. The residents told us about their stories and some of them were even Holocaust survivors which was really interesting. It was amazing to be able to communicate with a different generation than my friends and teachers.

We were able to make 500 ...

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The ethics of the ant and the grasshopper

In Philosophy classes, Year 1 students explored the classic tale of the ‘Ant and the Grasshopper.

This story is about an ant that works tirelessly during the summertime to gather food and supplies for the winter, while the grasshopper chooses to relax. The grasshopper decides to ‘live in the moment’ and enjoy the summertime. However, this lack of planning has dire consequences, as he is not adequately prepared for the cold, harsh winter that confronts him.

The Ant is then faced with ...

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Jewish authors inspire our students

With many of our School community involved in Melbourne Jewish Book Week, students in the Junior and Senior School had a wonderful opportunity to hear from highly regarded authors.

Year 5 students were fascinated throughout the presentation yesterday by Ursula Dubosarsky, a prize winning children’s writer from Sydney who spoke about the many books she has written over her career (over 60 titles!). She been nominated for both the Astrid Lindgren and Hans Christian Anderson awards, the most prestigious children’s awards ...

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Philosophical Kinder students

This week, I facilitated a Philosophy lesson with Gan Rimon based on the classic picture storybook ‘The Rainbow Fish.’

Throughout the lesson, our young thinkers questioned whether the Rainbow Fish would be happier if he gave away his shiny scales. The children connected with their own experiences to the concept of Tikkun Olam, which is defined by acts of kindness performed to repair the world. They formed logical arguments, critically reflected and showed an ability to agree and disagree with each ...

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ANZAC Day at Pre-School

I was emotionally moved this week as the ‘Last Post’ was played in the Gan Dubi (Nursery) room. As the bugle played, the educators all stood in silence, thereby role modeling the appropriate etiquette to the children. The children all stop what they were doing, watched their educators and copied them in silence. Even at such a young age, these children demonstrated their ability to stop, think and self-regulate, which is one of the executive function skills in the SOWATT ...

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2018 ANZAC Day Commemorative Service

KDS Senior School students participated respectfully on Tuesday in an assembly to remember all Australian service men and women. In this centenary year of the final battles of the Great War, we particularly paid tribute to those who served and made sacrifices on the Western Front in 1918, markedly in a vital battle at Villers-Bretonneux on April 25, 1918. From leaders, such as General Sir John Monash, to a boy soldier who enlisted at age 14, we honoured their memory.

Our ...

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From the Field to our Forks

As part of our Unit of Inquiry topic ‘Field to Fork’, we harvested olives. The olives are going to go through a curing process in order to become edible. We are using our science skills to predict and observe the changes that the olives will go through over the coming weeks. The focus of our unit are the changes that food goes through from the field to our forks.

• Jacob: I predict that on Monday they will inflate and by ...

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Celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut

Across our School, students had a meaningful and fun celebration of Israel’s 70th birthday. Junior School students were taken on an educational “journey” to Israel with activities including badge making, baking, drumming, Israeli dancing and a quiz on facts about Israel.  Students “took” an El Al plane ride to Israel and visited an Israeli Shuk, replete with Israeli food, and well loved Israeli games where Israeli shekels had to be used to purchase food or participate in games.  Our Pre-School and ...

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