Write a Book in a Day

A cockroach with the voice of an angel, riddles encased in an envelope and a potion to cure amnesia were just some of the ideas students wrote about in the ‘Write a Book in a Day’ event. On Thursday 8 August, Year 5 students worked in teams over a twelve hour period, to craft stories as part of the Nationwide competition. The competition required that teams create a cohesive Narrative of at least 2000 words, as well as integrating certain ...

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Round 4 DAV debates – hat trick!

A hat trick! Congratulations once again to our intrepid debaters for their valiant efforts in representing KDS in the annual DAV interschool debating competition. On Wednesday evening this week, our three teams were victorious in the penultimate round of debates.

In the D Grade debate, Alex Cowen, Charley Cowen and Tobi Taranto debated the negative of the proposition ‘That convicted criminals should not be allowed to publish accounts of their crimes’. The B Grade debaters, Daniel Lindros, Josh Mitelman and Max ...

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Interfaith Dialogue Day

This week, Ilim College hosted Year 11 students from King David representing Judaism and Thomas Carr College representing Christianity for an Interfaith Dialogue Day. After a brief description of each school, the students played human bingo and had speed chat circles to get to know one another. Then discussion circles unpacked stereotypes of each faith community in the media and the violence which is conducted in the name of religion. All participants spoke positively about the invigorating and frank discussions ...

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Stonnington Youth Services & YLab Youth Leadership Summit

On Tuesday, I was one of ten Year 7 students who participated in the Stonnington Youth Services & YLab Youth Leadership Summit held at Prahran Town Hall. King David was not the only school to attend; representatives from other schools, such as Prahran High School and Christian Brothers College were also there. I was pleasantly surprised to see some of my friends from Ripponlea Primary School who participated in the event as well. The focus of this day-long workshop was ...

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Inaugural Brick Builders’ Tournament

During the school holidays, there was a frenzy of building activity at the Dandenong Road campus by Years 2-4 students from across the Jewish Community. They used a great number of bricks in their endeavours, Lego bricks, as they competed in the inaugural Jewish Community Brick Builders’ Tournament. Students had 3 or 4 builds to complete, including a bridge, a tower, a vehicle and finally a house and garden. The creations were elaborate and extraordinarily clever. Each team had 1500 ...

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Australian Brain Bee Competition competitors

On Wednesday this week, five Year 10 students competed at the State Finals of the Australian Brain Bee Competition (ABBC). The ABBC is a neuroscience competition, and during the day the students took part in both team and individual challenges. The questions were challenging, and certainly tested the participants’ knowledge of neuroscience. The students also had the opportunity to hear from a range of speakers who were experts in the field of Neuroscience. One presenter spoke about spinal cord rehabilitation, ...

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Design and Technology – Zero Emission People project

Year 8 Design and Technology have just completed building a prototype of a micro-sized house. Students investigated how food, water, shelter and power are required to support human life. Working in groups, they developed an automated watering and filtration system using sensors and motors powered by an Arduino micro-controller to water food crops they have selected based on nutritional values. They learnt how to convert stored and solar energy to power their shelters and equipment. Using design thinking strategies, students ...

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Critical Thinking at the Philosothon

This week a group of aspiring philosophers from Years 4-6 attended the Primary School Philosothon. Our students’ critical thinking skills were on display as they questioned, interpreted, analysed, explored, evaluated and reflected upon some of the original iconic artworks at the NGV Ian Potter Gallery. The theme of the Philosothon was Sustainability and Our Future. Some of the concepts and topics that students discussed were; technology, childhood, industrialisation and the relevance of time.

Below are some student reflections from the day.

• ...

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KDSPA Annual Breakfast – we’re one voice

Natalie Isaacs, Founder and CEO of 1 Million Women was the guest speaker at this morning’s KDSPA Annual Breakfast. She is a climate change activist who began building a global movement of women and girls to “empower women everywhere to act on climate change through the way they live”.

As a cosmetics manufacturer, her life was all about over packaging and she considered climate change “someone else’s problem”. Since 2006, she recognised the power of the individual and as a collective, ...

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Footy Day at the Junior School

The Junior School celebrated Footy Day with lots of colour, footy fun, leadership and education.

They came to school on Wednesday in their AFL club colours. Four Melbourne Football Club players came to the School and inspired our students with interactive sessions. Our Year 5 sport leaders ran a fantastic footy obstacle course for the Prep and Year 1 students which was enjoyed by all. This was followed by a Q & A with the professional players and Years 2 to ...

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