A yearning for learning

Wearing their school uniforms with pride and bursting with excitement, our Prep students met their teachers on Friday last week for an orientation morning. They explored their new classrooms, engaged in an art activity before being shown the important landmarks of the Junior School (the toilets!) before welcoming Shabbat with fellow classmates and family.

Wishing our Preppies an exciting learning adventure this year!

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The very hungry caterpillar

It all started in the Gan Dubi room with a parent’s enthusiasm and initiative by sourcing silkworm eggs and bringing them to our room as a learning experience for the the children. We learnt that the silk worm is named tola’at meshi in Hebrew and then our journey began.

Little worms appeared from these eggs. The tola’at meshi ate and ate and became larger silkworms, just like in the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carl. They ate mulberry leaves and became ...

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Hebrew proficiency at the Junior School

We had such an exciting and busy year of Hebrew study in the Junior School. For the last term, students from Prep to Year 5 prepared Hebrew assemblies.

• Prep and Year 1 students showed us the different letters of the Alef- Bet and how they learnt to read using Hebrew vowels. Year 1 students used known vocabulary to describe their immediate family members.
• Years 2 and 3 students presented the way we write the Alef-Bet in Hebrew script and ...

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The privilege of education

Year 7 students were privileged to have three students from Cambodia come and speak to us this week. Pheak, Synich and Ramey spoke about their journey of four years, from a life of illiterate poverty to being able to speak almost fluent English and studying masters in business and international relations. This was all because of their participation in a NGO, the Cambodia Rural Students Trust (CRST), dedicated to allowing all Cambodian children to have an education and to eventually ...

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Early literacy with a musical flair in Senior Kinder

Over the past few weeks, the children in Senior Kinder have been learning the song “Down by the Bay” with Liz during their music classes. It’s a fun song that uses a call and response making it easy for the students to remember and learn the melodic patterns of the music. The children have really enjoyed the song, particularly the creation of very silly rhymes. Liz set the class some “homework” to do back in Kinder, where each child needed ...

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Insights – the power of language education

Dear Community,

In Douglas Adam’s classic novel Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy there exists a unique and unusual species of alien called the Babel fish which when placed in a host’s ear can offer the capacity to instantly translate every known language in the universe. Last year Google released its new product, Pixel Buds. These are headphones that when attached to a Google Smartphone are designed to offer instantaneous translation to supported foreign languages.

I haven’t experimented with Google Buds but ...

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Fairytale Philosophy

For over a thousand years, Fairytales have transported us to another world full of wonder and danger which challenges us to make sense of reality and the world we live in. Similarly, the Philosophy Program allows our students to showcase an ability to wonder, formulate ideas, exercise deep thinking and explore thought adventures.

Yesterday was a memorable day as the Junior School celebrated World Philosophy Day. This year’s theme was Fairy Tale Philosophy. The day began with an assembly, featuring a ...

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Insights – the manner of assessment

Dear Community,

There is a unique buzz of energy across the School as our Year 12 students are now half way through the VCE exam period. This high-stakes testing period is characterised by nerves, adrenaline surges and a recurring emotional rollercoaster.

I was someone who was generally well suited to exams. I was able to express myself in the format that was favoured and was also able to cram material and recall it when the moment required. However, I have frequently come ...

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Supporting the Pittsburgh Jewish community

On Monday morning, I received a text message from a friend in Israel forwarding a very special request. An Israeli girl doing her national service with the Jewish community in Pittsburgh had reached out to Jewish communities around the world asking for support. Her aim was to strengthen the morale of a community who had suffered such a devastating loss whilst praying in their synagogue on Shabbat. I engaged Senior School students in the project as this was an opportunity ...

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Future Cities Exhibition

Throughout term 3 of Year 7 Humanities, students worked very hard tackling the difficult problem of how the cities of the future will be designed to sustainably manage the needs of rapidly increasing urban populations.

Today, 54 per cent of the world’s population lives in urban areas; a proportion that is expected to increase to 66 per cent by 2050. That equates to an addition of 2.5 billion people to urban populations by 2050. As a result, cities will face ...

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