Experiential Learning opportunities

Years 6 to 8 students participate bi-weekly in Experiential Learning classes, one of the many opportunities to extend their learning beyond the curriculum.

For Year 8 MERIT (Making, Engineering, Robotics and Innovative Technologies) students, over the next 5 sessions, they will participate in a range of learning activities that all relate to MERIT. This week’s session was all about Making.

There were three choices: .

1. Build a tabletop hovercraft – you will need an old CD/DVD, glue or strong tape, a balloon and ...

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Distance Learning Technology in the Junior & Senior School

Like all schools, the shift to Distance Learning in the Technologies Learning Area in the Senior School has provided some challenges, particularly for the practical and making components of our technology programs. It has also provided some new opportunities to use technology in meaningful and powerful ways.

In Year 7 Coding our students have been applying their knowledge of HTML and CSS (the languages used for webpages) to create their own ePortfolios (electronic portfolios).

In Year 7 Design and Technology our students ...

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