“King Bridges” – Aurecon Bridge Building Competition

Adara Frisch and Abraham Nathan-Valentine designed and constructed a balsawood bridge that a held a 19.6 kg mass at the Aurecon Bridge Building Competition on Wednesday 18 September. They had worked for several weeks in the lead-up to the event, even making a prototype to trial test. Louis Pittas (Science teacher) mentored Adara and Abraham. Good effort team ‘King Bridges’

Lesley MalliganPaul (LAL Science)
The Aurecon Bridge building competition is a competition where lots of schools from around Melbourne are ...

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Emerging Innovative Minds Conference

Year 12 students Joshua Brill, Ari Feldman, Aaron Greenwell and Jacob Moulton attended two program sessions of “The Emerging Innovation Summit 2019”. It was an insightful event that offered the students a rare opportunity to learn what some of the world’s best innovators and thinkers have to say about our rapidly changing world.

There were speakers who discussed the latest innovations driven by imagination, creativity, design thinking, system design, technology and business innovation. KDS made a special presentation about green innovation ...

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Green Innovation Award winners for Vertical Garden Challenge!

On Thursday this week, Year 12 students and their families involved in the “Victorian School’s Vertical Garden Challenge” attended a presentation and award evening. The event took place in an amazing creative space in the heart of the CBD called ISPT Foy’s Arcade. Josh Brill, Ari Feldman, Aaron Greenwell and Jacob Moulton gave a ten minute speech describing and explaining their vertical garden design and construction. They were well prepared and confident and not intimidated by an audience that included ...

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Destination Moon: More Missions More Science

This week was a national celebration of science; Science Week. To celebrate, KDS participated in many science-themed activities, including a kick-off science assembly on Tuesday. The theme for Science Week this year is missions on the moon; in celebration of the moon landings 50th anniversary. For the assembly, many Year 7 students, such as myself, gave presentations. I was supposed to sing a song which I made up to the tune of “Sound Of Silence”. Instead, it was the “Sound ...

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Statewide Science Talent Search

Years 4 and 5 students were given the opportunity to invent, experiment and create in the Science Talent Search, a Statewide competition. Interested students committed lunchtimes and time after school delving into scientific principles related to an area of interest. They were required to complete a sophisticated project and write a comprehensive written report. Projects are currently exhibited on the ground floor, Junior Campus.

On Thursday 26 July, students attended Judging Day where they conducted an oral presentation to a panel ...

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Shining a spotlight on women in STEM – PHYSICS FORUM 2019

Recently, a group of Year 9 & 10 girls attended a day run by the Physics department of Melbourne University. This day was designed both as an educational experience, and also as a way to show girls that, contrary to the societal stigma placed around it, choosing to do a higher level STEM subject is something they should feel comfortable with. A major theme of the day was, naturally, the moon landing, as Sunday was the 50th anniversary. From this ...

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REACH for Science Excellence!

On Monday 20 May, nineteen students from Years 7 to 10 participated in a Science enrichment online examination called the ‘Big Science’ Competition. It’s a 50 minute, multiple choice competition testing critical thinking and problem solving skills, not just factual.

Questions are set in real-life, contemporary contexts, making them relatable (and interesting). Competition questions in the Big Science Competition are aligned with the Australian Curriculum – Science. The students are looking forward to receiving their results in the next couple of ...

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It’s all in the genome – plant cyanide!

Our science enthusiasts enjoyed an engaging and rewarding work experience recently. The program, known as Science Immersion Research Experience (SIRE) program, provided students the opportunity to work within the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC) team. This involved using research grade equipment to conduct cutting edge science experiments, pursuing a small research project on plant cyanide.

A fabulous science enrichment opportunity for those with a strong passion and curiosity for both the biological and chemical Sciences.

The final day of the program entailed ...

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Top of the class!

As part of the VCE Systems Engineering Units 3 & 4 course, students are required to complete a School-Assessed Task (SAT) which contributes 50% to the subject’s study score. This SAT is a year long project which requires each student to identify a problem, need or opportunity, and then develop a plan that will allow the student to solve that problem, or address the need or opportunity that has been identified. Students will then design and build their project which ...

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Launch into Science!

On Tuesday this week, the Year 7 cohort had a double lesson session with Mrs Mall entitled ‘Launch into Science’. Students watched a four minute inspirational video about the wonders of Science followed by a movie trailer about the curriculum, highlights and Science enrichment on offer in 2019.

Three major challenges were set that involved some degree of independent work, however, mostly collaborative. It was obvious that collaborative work helped increase the level of engagement of students and their confidence.

The lesson ...

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