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On Thursday this week, six Year 10 students spent the day at two venues: Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research (WEHI) as well as the Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC) . This was a Science enrichment opportunity for these students as they did not have mid-year exam commitments on this day.

Students spent time with several PhD students who work in areas of infectious diseases, immune disorders and cancer. On a tour of WEHI they met Tim who has ...

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Students are challenged to “Beat Plastic Pollution”

To celebrate World Environment Day on Tuesday 5 June, Year 11 Biology and Year 7TS undertook a “Beat Plastic Pollution” challenge.

Students reused empty plastic drink bottles to design unique terrariums with succulent plants. Year 11 students worked out an innovative way to design hanging terrariums that are currently being displayed in the Langer Family Science & Technology Centre. All designs are self watering as students applied their understanding of high humidity and condensation to ensure their design was an enclosed ...

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The next generation of rocket scientists

Several eager Year 5 students have been a regular fixture over at the Senior School on Tuesday afternoons, learning about the physics of flight, and undertaking a series of hands-on activities that culminated in the recent launch of their low-powered solid propellant model rockets.

The students had previously built and launched their impressive water rockets, before progressing onto their most recent project. The launch day went well and all rockets departed the pad with much smoke and the spectacular ‘whoosh’ that ...

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KDS students compete in Houston for FIRST Robotics World Championships

After being part of the winning alliance in the FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics South Pacific Competition, held in Sydney in March this year, our rookie team 7128 XLR8, comprising students from the ‘Greater Melbourne area’ qualified to attend the world championship competition in Houston Texas from 18-21 of April.

Ethan Engelander, Ari Feldman, and Abe Graeve represented The King David School.

More than 15,000 students, making up nearly 700 robotics teams from 43 countries from around ...

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The Importance of Gender Equality in Physics

On Tuesday, seven female students attended the Girls in Physics Breakfast, made possible by the Bureau of Meteorology and the Victorian Teachers Physics Network. Each student was seated with inspiring women working in different areas of Physics, as well as young enthusiasts from other schools. The guest speaker Dr Sue Barrell, Chief Scientist with the Bureau of Meteorology, discussed her work and the broad range of career pathways an interest in Physics can lead to.

was also discussed, and in light ...

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Expressing Genotypes with Veggie People

Yr 10 students have been investigating genetics in Science this term. Recently they had a chance to demonstrate their understanding through the creation of ‘Veggie People’ who had different characteristics depending on the genes they inherited from Ma Potato and Pa Onion. The population grew and we witnessed different ratios of certain characteristics such as carrot feet and olive eyes. Everyone had fun building their own individuals – or as we say in genetics “expressing their genotypes” and reflected that ...

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KDS Represented at International Astronautical Congress

Earlier this year The King David School was honoured to have its paper, Big Scientist Little Scientist and the Colonisation of Mars, accepted for presentation at the 68th International Astronautical Congress (IAC), as part of their Technical Education stream of sessions. The paper was the culmination of a year-long project based on the theme of ‘Colonising Mars’, which involved the development of an innovative progression of modular activities that could be implemented across both primary and secondary school systems.

Ben Brill ...

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Science Week at the Senior School

This week the Senior School celebrated Science Week! A celebration of the marvelously diverse discipline that is Science as students were treated to a number of activities throughout the week.

On Tuesday, our senior Science students participated in “Battle of the Sciences” – a Science trivia competition where teams of students battled it out to see which discipline of Science was the best! In the end, it was a Year 10 General Science team that were victorious and the English teacher’s ...

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Solving Crime Using Forensic Science

On Tuesday, a group of Year 10 students travelled to Monash University in Clayton to participate in the Monash Murder Mystery workshop.

The task? To solve a fictitious murder using modern forensic science techniques.

Students were separated into groups and worked alongside students from schools from across Victoria as they rotated through different evidence stations. Evidence collected included fingerprinting, DNA analysis, spectroscopy and blood splatter analysis. Based on the evidence, our students successfully proposed a hypothesis and solved the fictitious murder!

The excursion ...

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Simulating Genetic Inheritance in Year 10 Science

As part of their studies on Genetics and how traits are passed from parents to children, the Year 10 Science classes created their own Vegetable People. Ma Potato and Pa Onion were used to simulate how physical characteristics are different among siblings. Not only did the classes get to experience how the wonderful world of genetics results in variations, but they got see it with their different looking ‘Vegemites’.

Justin Baigel
Senior School Teacher

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