Purim Fever

This year’s Purim festivities were bigger and brighter than ever. From our youngest Pre-Schoolers to the Year 12s, students had the opportunity to immerse in the story, culture and vibrancy of the festival. In an age- and stage-appropriate manner, all parts of the School engaged in the key mitzvot (commandments) of Purim – giving and receiving gifts (mishloach manot), providing for those in need (matanot le’evyonim), hearing Megillat Esther and, of course, feasting.

Highlights of the day were many and varied. ...

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Chag Kasher v’Sameach – a meaningful Pesach

King David School has been abuzz with Pesach activity this whole week. From Jewish Studies classes to Pesach Sedarim and then to other experiential educational opportunities. From Alma Road to Year 12, the smell of charoset, salt water and matzah has become the smell of our school campuses. Pesach songs could be heard during tefillah, Jewish Studies classes and at other times.

Pre-School and Kindergarten students jumped like frogs, sang Ma Nishtana, wore frog masks, tasted charoset and acted like slaves. ...

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Years 4 and 5 Matzah Baking Workshop

As Pesach is fast approaching, we wanted to have a hands on activity with the main Pesach symbol- the Matzah! It was interesting to learn about why we eat Matzah on Pesach, how to make the dough and how long we are allowed to knead the dough before it becomes Chametz (not kosher for Pesach). It was very exciting to make our own Matzah and to eat it for morning tea. Thank you Binyamin for teaching us all there is ...

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